Home Sales Accelerate and Prices Go Up...


Home buyers are having a tough time finding homes to buy, mostly in the lower price ranges. We still see many multiple offers. As a buyer, you need to have patience and be persistent. 



Here are three tips to follow in today's market:

1. Be pre-approved. Work with a reputable lender who will process your information and submit to underwriting for approval. Pre-qualification letters do mean much. Sellers want buyers who are READY to buy.

2. Work with an experienced real estate agent, a REALTOR, someone who works full time in the business and stays on top of the market, and who is able to guide you successfully through this process.

3. Understand market conditions and adjust accordingly. You may not find a "perfect" house (actually, one does not exist, in any price range), choose one that fits your important criteria and one that feels right.

4. Understand that you may not get the first house you make an offer on. get back out there and find another one.


Good luck on your search.